The Way of Calligraphy in Shodo or Sumi-e Painting

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 I am very happy to announce that I have just launched my “The Way of Calligraphy in Shodo or Sumi-e Painting” course. It indeed took a lot of energy and time, but now I am pleased with the result.

There is no other Chinese/Japanese calligraphy course that can give you so much creative personal power, as this course.

Unlike how Chinese/Japanese calligraphy is taught by demonstrating the structures of individual stroke shapes (and there are many) and then putting them together, in this course, you will learn a unique mindful way of creating any shape, stroke or a character that possess vitality- expressive energy and flow.

The advantage of learning and applying my method is that it gives you the autonomy to create the shapes desired without having to memorize them. This unique method also gives you the power – a personal language to paint traditional oriental motives as well as any other images with Oriental sensibilities, coming from your senses and vision, rather than depending on pre-learned shapes.

I will be starting a Facebook group for my students/courses within a week. You will be able to post the experiences, strokes, lines, and images or course-related thoughts and questions. This way we/you can learn, work, grow and advance together, yet at your own speed.

The beauty of learning from my school is that you can access the course anytime and as frequently, as you wish. This way you can practice whenever you find the time for or the desire to have a mindful creative break in your busy day.

If you don’t have any experience in Oriental ink and brush painting, you will find in my school courses that will teach you from the beginning. However, if you have some experience, then the “Meditation With The Brush”  would give you all the meditative tools to apply in painting or to other creative practices…. including life.



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