“Sumi-e Painting of a Rooster Using Its Calligraphy” A Free Course

by | Jan 27, 2017 | 0 comments

 As it is the Chinese New Year of the Rooster as of January 28th, I have put the work on my main course on hold and created a  crash mini course to give an overview, an idea of the method that I teach and I use in my own paintings.
In this course, I show how to paint /write the Chinese calligraphy of the Rooster and how to apply it in making your own Rooster Sumi-e painting. You will get a taste of a method which facilitates the ability to find your own voice and language of expression, rather than copying patterns and shapes, which unfortunately is the common practice in the teaching of oriental painting.
In the scope of this course, it is, of course, impossible to cover and learn all the faculties needed to fully apply the method, but I think you will get a taste of it and even come up with your own Rooster painting. Just remember to enjoy the experience….. just play with the brush and lose yourself in the dance of the calligraphic lines.
In my upcoming Sumi-e classes, I will be teaching in detail and depth, the technical, meditative and other aspects involved in Sumi-e painting, using calligraphic principles and strokes.


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