Sumi-e Painting of Clover Leaf Using “Luck” Calligraphy

by | Mar 17, 2017 | 0 comments

In this short Youtube video/class I am demonstrating my process for Sumi-e painting of the four leaf clover, using the strokes of the Chinese/Japanese “Luck” character.
I am assuming that you already have a background in Sumi-e painting and hopefully are familiar with my fundamental teachings. If not, you will find information about the tools, the preparation of the space and the self in the courses entitled “Essentials for Learning Sumi-e Painting” and most importantly,  “Meditation with the Brush” which teaches the meditative practices for painting.
My method is very unique and understanding it will give you a great advantage in creating vibrant Sumi-e paintings and many of aspects of it apply to your other forms of cretivityand life.
If  art created in this style/spirit inspires you, I invite you to visit my website. You will find from there the link to my school as well.


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