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by | Aug 17, 2016 | 1 comment

After a long break from Blogging, I am back. It did indeed take a lot of time and energy from me to write them, as every sentence I wrote was coming through me, from depth; a place where usually I don’t visit often with my mind. I am there though when I paint, meditate or am in nature. Being a visual person, I find words don’t do justice and don’t really bring out the true essence of the feelings, the emotions and the experiential understanding of what I want to share. I had the same sentiments in my first blog post … hasn’t changed.
The reason I have decided to revisit the blogging platform, is because of great interest from my viewers to learn to paint in Zen spirit. I have decided to attempt to teach it online. There is much much more to teaching Sumi-e than demonstrating the technique and using  materials. My most important mission is to take my students to the deeper, experiential understanding of the practice and for this, besides doing demonstrations, I need to express myself verbally in attempt of explaining the unexplainable….. Back to the challenge 🙂
I have interpreted only 29 verses, of 81 of “Tao Te Ching” from the artist’s point of view. I would like to do them all, but will need to focus on my project. Will come back to it when I get my classes active and going.
So from now the blog posts will become more and more in support of teaching/learning to paint and to see…… as John Daido Loori Roshi puts it, to be “hearing with the eyes, seeing with the ears”
Your input on what you would like to see, read in my posts and in upcoming lessons will be extremely valuable





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  1. Tippi

    Thank you for not giving up. Your work on the daodejing for artists is what brought me here.


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