New Year, Old Wisdom

by | Jan 1, 2014 | 0 comments

New Year, Old Wisdom illustration of face made with ink in sumi-e style

Well, it is New Year tomorrow!

So what have I learnt? The year has bought me many present moments and also lost in the thoughts moments. So,

Lesson 1. Paint and paint more. Here is where one is in the moment, here is where one finds the true self, unaffected by life’s transient drama.

Lesson 2. We go through the day with plans, hopes, decisions….through inner struggle. It is not what one does that is important, but it is how centred (in what frame of mind) one feels, when one is doing it.

Lesson 3. Things never end up the way one plans… don’t plan it, just enjoy the process.

Lesson 4. Everything (that is every single thing) that’s  around us is magical.

Lesson 5. Each moment is a piece of art and/or a tool for learning…Notice

Lesson 6. One cannot learn or teach wisdom. Wisdom is something that one discovers in life’s journey (when the mind is quiet). And this brings to…

Lesson 7. One cannot hold on to this acquired wisdom, it has to hold on to you.

Well nothing new is discovered…..there is nothing new anyway. Just those lessons have a hold of me …for now 🙂



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