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by | Oct 27, 2011 | 3 comments

Is all art subjective? Image of woman looking away. Drawn in black and white.

I would like to share with you my thoughts on what art is. Our thoughts are the interpretations of the mind, based on our believes and experiences…  thus they are subjective. 

What is art?  For me, art is a way of sharing the emotion felt, or the connection made, during its creation. As an artist, it means seeing beyond the mundane.

This can be done so easily with practically anything that surrounds us. One can gaze at a mess on a table, and to some it can be interpreted as a mess, however, to others it becomes a interaction of many shapes, forms and colours that create a feeling so special that it becomes art.  So does that mean that if I decide to share this experience with others, I can call it Art? 



  1. Lilith Sumie

    Dear Geraldene,
    Thank you for reading my blog and for the comment.
    …yes, you are (might be) right. After all I have neuroscience background :-). Our mind always is trying to explain, understand. Through art I am trying to let go…

  2. DA

    Wonderful, Lilith! I believe it was Picasso who said "If you know what you're going to paint before you start, well then, what's the point?"

    You wrote that art is about sharing an emotion felt during the creation process. Indeed, the product of art is a record of a journey, an exploration into the depths of the creator; it is the journal of a dredging that sometimes brings darkness or even ugliness to the surface. The honest artist shares the innermost in its raw reality (Picasso and Dali were experts of this) and it's tough to do. The artist seeking purely to express beauty is an entertainer, and is failing to express out of the spectrum of life's experiences of pleasure and pain, joy and suffering…


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