Essentials For Learning Sumi-e Painting

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 My online Sumi- e school is alive and active now. My first  and second courses were demonstrations of my painting process for Sumi-e Painting.

My method is unique. It is based on my late teacher Tomoko Kodama’s method, which was developed to facilitate the western students to paint Sumi-e. As a westerner myself with a Western art education (BFA),  I have modified it further incorporating elements based on my initial Sumi-e learning experiences and observations and comments from my students.

The modern world regardless of the location is becoming more and more westernised. My method is aimed but not limited to people with western upbringing.

Here is a short YouTube video that I created to give an overview of what is covered in the first introductory course.

Besides demonstrating the tools and the materials needed for learning Sumi-e,
this is a very valuable course, as it explains the reasons for the difficulties the western students face in understanding the concepts and the subtle and obvious cultural differences on which this form of art creating is based.

Another important chapter is helping the students to understand and control of the ink and the brush handling; the beginner’s first struggles.
On this course, I am and will be building and taking the students further and deeper into the application and mastery of this beautiful and mindful form of art.

My next one, called “Meditation With The Brush” already published,  is teaching the meditative aspects and practices involved. I will be making an overview  YouTube video for it as well


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