Drawing the Soul

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Drawing the Soul blog article illustration of man in thought.
“The human body is the best picture of the human soul.”  Ludwig Wittgenstein
Human body… The Doctor looks at it as a structure consisting of organs and systems. The scientist looks at it as complex interactions and reactions of chemicals, pathways, and systems.
The artist gets inspired by it. She looks at it to study the form, anatomy, its proportions, the relationships of body parts through movements and gestures. For centuries models have been studied and drawn as a foundation for a finished painting and as any technique, that comes through practice, the artist peruses the understanding of the human figure in the three-dimensional space.
In the process of developing techniques, one can miss something that, in my view, is the most important aspect of the body. It is the human being himself, within that form, with emotions, life experiences… The way one holds one’s body is a reflection of one’s inner world… the curvature of the shoulders, the neck, the glaze, the way the hands are held…
What if the artist would capture just that and use the human figure as means of commenting on the human Being. This means achieving to see beyond detail, shape and texture, feeling the energy that the figure withholds and with as few lines as possible, demonstrate it. Drawing the model is an emotional experience….
What if the artist is seeing her own soul through the model?


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