Drawing the Line

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Drawing the line illustration of women in thought


“Art is a line around your thoughts” Gustav Klimt
Presently, until February 13th,  there is an exhibition of my drawings at the City of Ottawa’s (Canada), Atrium Gallery.
I gave the “Drawing the Line” title to my show, for a couple of reasons. First, because I am fascinated by the expressiveness of the line. It defines space, it outlines, creates and suggests patterns and movement ….it contains incredible energy. For me it is the greatest tool for expression.
The second reason is that I feel that an artist has to know when to stop to truly communicate.
Almost all the paintings of old masters have started with some studies of line drawing. There they capture the mood, space the essence and they contain the energy of the final painting, without added detail.
For me in art what is not said or shown, but suggested, gives more impact, as it allows the viewer to complete it in their minds and thus become more intimate with it.
You can visit my show virtually and hear my comments.
“What is essential, is invisible to the eye”
Antoine de Saint-Exupery


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