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Well it is almost three years that I am blogging. Initially it was one entry a month….and it would take me almost a whole month to write it. I have always thought that my means of expression is only visual and that words have no room in this visual experience. You will see that belief in some of my entries below. I can’t say that writing blogs totally changed my mind, but maybe they confirmed it in a particular way.

I paint and teach Sumi-e (oriental brush painting). Prior to that, having done a Fine Arts program at a Western university, I was painting and drawing in the “traditional” way, which I found very busy, packed with (too much for me) information. I was always searching for the quiet space that provides the essence of ideas, feelings and connections. I tried to apply this  to my drawings and later  I was introduced to sumi-e painting, which totally embraces that concept.

What I have realized through writing this blog is that just like lines (in sumi-e painting or drawing), words can be used sparingly, up to a point showing just the essence of the idea and as in the paintings, leaving room for the reader to make it their own…

Here I put together the links to my previous entries, where I try to explain how to understand what  painting mindfully is….what creating/living in Zen spirit is.
It is in chronological order, from oldest to newest ones. I will be adding links as they appear…

The Centre

Without Expectations

Life’s Painting

Without Words

Letting Go

Seeing For The First Time

Mindfulness With the Brush

Music and Sumi-e

Zen of Understanding


Playing With the Soul

Drawing the Soul

Everything is Extraordinary

New Year, Old Wisdom

The Breathing Brush

Seeing with the Senses

Eastern Art, Western Mind



  1. Mary Holtz

    You are an inspiring woman, thank you for this insightful expansion of my imagination!

  2. Lilith Ohan

    I am pleased Mary that they reached you, thank you!


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