Art or Craft?

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My thoughts on art and craft.

One can find many explanations and comparisons about this matter on the Internet.

As soon as one starts to compare, immediately one finds it challenged by opposing arguments.

If craft is structure oriented, with predetermined goals, isn’t art doing the same?

If the craft requires skills, doesn’t that apply to art?…..

I think art is an expression of a feeling, thought, connection, without having the final image in mind. The moment when one approaches the canvas, the paper… with no preconceived ideas, just feeling and intent, creative process begins. It is this moment that art is made.
There is a fine line knowing when to stop. When technique becomes more important than the message, art becomes craft.
Also, when artwork is executed merely by effort to reproduce a photograph, a model or an object, it doesn’t differ much from craft, as it is a project like any other and is achieved mainly by skill.
For both art and craft, one needs skills and knowledge, but the result is very different. Art will represent the energy, the connection of the artist and the work. It will have life of it’s own. Craft will demonstrate the skilful endeavour of the creator/artist.

Craft requires a lot of patience, attention to detail, proficiency …. Is it why we see so little of it made these days?



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