The Centre

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The centre blog article illustration of Sumi-e painting of crane.
I was listening to an artist talk about where the creativity comes from. The way she put is it that it comes from one’s centre. I always talk about that connection to the centre. The way she presented it was that centre was where all of our previous experiences, knowledge, feelings and memories are accumulated. She stated that when we create, we are feeding from that place.
I would call that place the subconscious mind and most likely where many of the art forms come from. 

When it comes to Oriental Brush Painting (Sumi-e) and the way I draw, it doesn’t come from the baggage of all those feelings and knowledge. Actually to be able to create in Zen way/spirit you have to connect to the place where you are at the present moment and neither the past nor the future ever existed and you are just representing the connection, the essence of what you are seeing. That’s what I call the stillness, Centre.


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  1. Anonymous

    Nice drawing Lil,
    The center… In my experience there's a common center. That's the groovy thing. If one goes of on ones own into the interior lands, one can become lost and exhausted in the desert and fooled by a mirage, or arrive at an oassis. Possession of a compas in there is an advantage:


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