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Internet has given us incredible advantages for learning, social interactions, entertainment and especially for creative people, a way of showing, reaching with their work to a far larger audience than they ever could. This is only a small portion of it’s applications in our lives.
As in Eastern philosophies, for which I am a student , there cannot be gain without sacrifice….. yang without yin…. I am sure a whole book can be written about this. Besides, there is no absolute good or bad anyway….
In my Artist’s statement a couple of years ago, I was talking about the ”tumultuous” world we were living in. Now things have become even more hectic. The information is coming and going in almost light speed, in and out of people’s computers, tablets and phones….Our already short attention span is shrinking rapidly.
I think this is having a big impact on Art. Increasingly, the Internet galleries are becoming the way of exposing the artwork. Digital images, that show only a few aspects of the original (and can be manipulated), don’t always do justice to the artwork. The definition of art is becoming very vague….
So how can one’s art be noticed (and be bought) when people are jumping from from one image to another, one thought to another….? I have been noticing that images of art (or so called art ) that get most attention are the ones that have some sort of shocking, surprising element to them.
Can a quiet art like Sumi-e survive this trend? I think as the chaos grows and the further away people shift from their true self, the more they feel deprived of the inner connection and peace. Artwork that is created from the quiet and boundless place can bring, even for very short time , some serenity in people’s lives, helping  them find peace in this hustling world.
Maybe it is our, the mindful artist’s mission to bring balance into this frantic life on this planet…. Hmm…..interesting thought….I like it :)……what do you think?
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