Artistic Expression Shaped by Differences

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This is a short post to announce to my readers the publication of my guest article titled “Philosophical Differences: Eastern And Western Approaches To Making Art” …… “Painter’s Tongue”, a fine visual arts journal with an emphasis on philosophy and a focus on the artist’s own words.

I have already approached this subject in my posts and as a matter of fact, practically all of my posts are about this; starting with posts on creating mindfully, to analyzing Lao Tzu’s “Tao Te Ching” verses geared toward artists. This topic is very dear to me as it shapes my art and life. You can find the links to them in the sidebar.

By no means, is this topic as clear cut as I have made it sound. In order to understand the differences between those philosophies, slight exaggeration was in order. I talk about the need for this overstatement in one of my posts here.

 In word/language based communications, I find that the ideas are taken literally, so in my posts,  I try to approach the same concept from different angles, in an attempt to have the reader start to understand, better yet, sense the topic. Please do visit and leave your thoughts and insights on the individual posts if you wish. If you find my content appealing/intriguing, please do follow… there is so much more to explore….
My art, mainly in Sumi-e style and approach, regardless of the medium used, is inspired mainly by Eastern wisdom, yet influenced by my Western upbringing and schooling.
Neither of the two philosophies are perfect or inferior. They both have many appealing, as well as disagreeable (yin and yang) aspects to them…. I consider myself very fortunate having access for better inner understanding to both; Eastern and Western concepts of creating and living….



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