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Internet with World Wide Web has opened the ways of communication between people all over the world. People exchange ideas, thoughts, recipes,… share videos, pictures and feelings… It seems that the whole world has become like a big family, with it’s positive (sometimes negative) aspects.
I think, that ever since the Internet, it is easier to grow as an individual. We have access to all the information we need to expand our horizons, explore our own unique strengths, and share them with the world. The Individualism seems to have less and less power. Humanity is transforming from individual/separative consciousness into growing states of oneness.
Same applies to Visual Arts. Artists, influenced by other artists, images, and thoughts, develop their creative expression. There is nothing new in this world. We just use all that is available in the collective consciousness and show our own interpretation. Our creation should be something to connect with but not separate from the others, as that’s where it originated from… the collective.
And what is more gratifying than sharing this experience/interpretation with people. I think as long as we are on the World Wide Web, we have to be open to sharing. We can’t grow if we don’t help others to grow with us.
We cannot stop people from using our images and even our thoughts for that matter. It would be like going against the current. We should feel flattered if our art has helped someone to see something through our eyes or to connect with our feeling.

I think we are living through very important times. Things are changing very fast. The trend is going more and more towards collective and not separative. I am eager to see what will happen.



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